eCALD® celebrating 15th anniversary – new website, milestones and prizes to win!

We are delighted to celebrate our 15-year milestone, with a brand new website showcasing our comprehensive range of digital CALD courses and resources, our performance and our history of milestones and achievements. As part of our celebration, we will be offering prizes between October 2020 to June 2021. 

Prizes to win between October 2020 to 30th June 2021 (9-month period)

  • At the end of each month (starting from end October 2020 to end June 2021), we will enter everyone who registered and completed any of our eCALD® face-to-face, remote F2F or online courses within the month into a draw.
  • This means we will have nine draws over this period.
  • At the end of each month, we will draw thirty-five (35) winners.
    • The first fifteen (15) names drawn will get to win the CATEGORY 1 GIFT PACKAGE, which comprises a $30 countdown gift voucher, an eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and an Aspen Travel mug.
    • The next twenty (20) names drawn will get to win the CATEGORY 2 GIFT PACKAGE, which consists of 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen travel mug.

Entry and winner criteria 

  • You must be eligible for accessing eCALD® courses, to be eligible to enter the draw. Please check eligibility here.
  • You can complete as many courses within a month to have more chances to win a prize.
  • You can complete a course or more courses every month over this 9-month period to try to win a prize.
  • Each person can only win 1 x category gift package per prize draw month.
  • If you have won the CATEGORY 1 GIFT PACKAGE during one of the prize draw months, you can still have a chance to win a CATEGORY 2 GIFT PACKAGE, but not another CATEGORY 1 GIFT PACKAGE.
  • If you have already enrolled for a course or courses this month, and complete the course(s) in the following month, your name will only be in the draw for the month you completed the course(s).
  • eCALD® will ensure fairness and will exercise discretion throughout the process.

 How do you know you have won?

  • We will advertise winners on this page and notify winners by email, 10 working days following the end of the draw month.

 Unclaimed prizes

  • If we do not get responses from winners to claim their prizes after three months, we will consider the prizes as unclaimed.

List of winners

eCALD® celebrating 15th anniversary – new website, milestones and prizes to win!