Our Performance

This section provides a range of statistics tracking our delivery of training and access to resources. The eCALD team regularly track key performance indicators to help refine and develop courses, resources and website content.

Course uptake

When users register to enrol in eCALD course we ask them for a number of pieces of demographic information. We use this data to better understand who is completing our courses so we can tailor our courses and also create new courses to suit and fully support our learners in their cultural competency journey.

Cumulative course uptake

as at June 2024



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Course evaluation

All users who complete online learning are asked to complete a course evaluation when they complete their course. We use the results of these evaluations and the direct feedback to develop and improve each of our online courses.

Average online learning experience score

For June 2024


Overall satisfaction with learning experience

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Websites and eNews

The eCALD website and our regular enewsletters are the main way we reach people who have an interest in our courses, events and resources. We regularly track the performance of these platforms and use the results to develop and refine our content to meet the needs of our audience.

New website users

June 2024


New users

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