Enhancing CALD Cultural Competence

Cultural diversity in the New Zealand population is growing leading to increasing cross cultural interactions between clinicians and patients and between employees.

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CALD refers to culturally and linguistically diverse groups who are migrants and refugees from Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African (MELAA) backgrounds.

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  • Mar 2020

    Remote face-to-face CALD courses are now available

    With the current COVID-19 situation requiring stricter social distancing, we are now providing “remote face-to-face courses” instead of face-to-face courses to reduce close contacts. The remote courses are provided by an educator via video conferencing system.

  • Mar 2020

    Guidelines and training for "Working with remote interpreters" for health practitioners

    As we have moved into COVID-19 Alert Level 4, we understand the health sector is moving towards the use of remote interpreters as a priority and minimising the use of face-to-face interpreters to reduce close contacts. This would mean a greater need for practical skills training and guidelines, eg understanding how...

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