Enhancing CALD Cultural Competence

Cultural diversity in the New Zealand population is growing leading to increasing cross cultural interactions between clinicians and patients and between employees.

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CALD refers to culturally and linguistically diverse groups who are migrants and refugees from Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African (MELAA) backgrounds.

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  • Aug 2018

    A new eCALD® Cultural Competency and Customer Service online course

    eCALD® Services are pleased to announce the launch our new Cultural Competency and Customer Service online course which is suitable for anyone in the health workforce working in a customer service role such as pharmacists, general practice/hospital receptionists, etc. This course is a customer facing module. Attending the course participants will:

  • Aug 2018

    New eCALD® Courses and Resources for Working with CALD Children and Adolescents

    eCALD® Services are pleased to announce the launch of new courses and supplementary resources suitable for health providers working with CALD children and adolescents and their families in child health and child and adolescent mental health contexts.

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