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eCALD® Terms and Conditions

All intellectual property created by eCALD Services, Waitemata DHB on this website is owned by Waitemata DHB, including the copyright in all items.  The presence of any resources, images or otherwise on this web site does not constitute consent (implied or otherwise) for them to be copied or used.  By using this website you agree to be legally bound by the terms stated under Terms and Conditions on this website.

Please contact eCALD Admin for help of if you have any queries.

eCALD Admin Support

Please contact eCALD Admin for support if:

  • you have problems accessing your online study or issues with pages on the online study

  • you have difficulties with opening an account and with course enrolment

  • you are not eligible for funded courses but wish to enrol for a face-to-face course or book a course for your service/organisation/team.

Please go to Contact Us for more information about our service hours.

Service response

  • To ensure we receive all your details correctly, we will only accept requests for support or queries by email to eCALD Admin.

  • Non-urgent support and queries will be attended to within 5 working days.

  • Urgent requests for support and queries will be attended to within 2 working days.  Please mark your email as URGENT to eCALD Admin and check that you have provided us with all the relevant details.

  • Queries will not be attended to on non-business days.

Definitions and Terms Used

Here are some of the terms used on this website:

  • ADHB refers to Auckland District Health Board
  • Auckland Region includes ADHB, CMDHB and Waitemata DHB catchments

  • Asian in New Zealand, refers to people originating from Asia countries including countries in West Asia (Afghanistan and Nepal) South Asia (covering the Indian sub-continent), East Asia (covering China, North and South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan), and South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia). This definition is commonly used within the health sector and is the basis of the Statistics New Zealand Asian ethnicity categories. 

  • CALD refers to culturally and linguistically diverse or cultural and linguistic diversity

  • CALD groups / patients / clients / families refer to culturally and linguistically diverse groups / patients / clients / families who are migrants and refugees from Asian, Middle Eastern and African backgrounds

  • CMDHB  refers to Counties Manukau District Health Board

  • CME refers to Continuing Medical Education

  • CNE refers to Continuing Nursing Education

  • DHB refers to District Health Board

  • eCALD® is the registered trademark name of this website (e represents educational and electronic downloadable resources)

  • MEA refers to Middle Eastern and African

  • MELAA refers to Middle Eastern, Latin American and African

  • MOH refers to Ministry of Health

  • MOPS refers to Maintenance of Professional Standards

  • NGO refers to Non-government organisations

  • Outside Auckland refers to other regions outside of the Auckland region

  • PHO refers to Primary Health Organisation

  • Waitemata DHB refers to Waitemata District Health Board

System Requirements for Online Study


 eCALD® online courses should be accessed via the latest versions of:


You can access the online courses via:

  • PC or Apple Mac desktops
  • laptops
  • tablets (iPad and Android).

Please do not access the course using mobile devices. The smallest device for the online study is a tablet.

Other settings and considerations

You will also need to following settings to ensure the best experience with the courses

  • Java Script enabled on the internet browser.

  • Allow third party cookies in your internet browser under Settings. (not essential but recommended)

eCALD® does not guarantee that our online courses will run on all types of devices and desktop PC systems and browsers. We have done our best to test the courses on the above browsers and devices.

If you have issues with the system requirements at work, please contact your IS department not eCALD Admin.

When undertaking an online course at your workplace or at home:

  • please make sure you have headphones when doing the course in an open plan area. Our online courses contain multi-media.


Our courses are accredited for CME, General Practice Education Programme Stage 2 (GPEP2), Continuing Professional Development (CPD), Continuing Nursing Education (CNE), and Maintenance of Professional Standards (MOPS) purposes.

We provide Certificate of Completion with learning hours for learners to claim their professional development points from there registration bodies.

For CORNERSTONE General Practice Accreditation information, please visit the RNZCGP website

General Course / Enrolment / Login Queries

I have forgotten my username/password - what should I do?

  • The username for accessing eCALD® Courses is your email address. If you can't remember your email address, please contact eCALD Admin.
  • If you have forgotten your password click on FORGOT PASSWORD on the LOGIN page to reset to a new password.

Please note: eCALD® has the rights to de-activate your eCALD® account if the website administrator considers that you have breached copyright’s rules or abused the system by disclosing your password or giving access to the eCALD® LMS account to other people. This is at the sole discretion of the website administrator.

By using this website, opening an eCALD account or enrolling for a course, you have agreed to be legally bound by the terms stated under Terms and Conditions on this website.

What is an eCALD® account?

An eCALD® account is a secured Learning Management System account provided for approved eCALD® members to have access to:

  • course enrolment for face to face or online CALD courses
  • start or resume approved online courses
  • access certificate of completion for completed course
  • check online or face to face course enrolment status
  • cancel/change face to face course enrolments
  • view or download learning records
  • access online cross-cultural resources (these are not courses) and some may have pre-requisites
  • edit user profile
  • change password.

How do I open an eCALD® account:

  • If you are eligible for funded courses: go to the Login page; click the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button; complete the form and submit.
  • If you are not eligible for funded courses: your account can only be created by eCALD Admin once you have paid for the the course(s) enrolment. Please send your request to eCALD Admin
  • NB: please check Eligibility and Enrolment before opening an account.

How to access your eCALD® account

  • Go to Login on the top right corner of the site and then login using your Username <email address> and Password.
  • If you have lost your password, click on the FORGOT PASSWORD on the LOGIN PAGE.

Terms of Use: eCALD® has the rights to de-activate your eCALD® account if the eCALD administrator considers that you have breached copyright’s rules or abused the system by disclosing your password or sharing access of the eCALD® account with other people.  This is at the sole discretion of the eCALD administrator.

Please be aware that courses and resources developed by eCALD® Services, Waitemata DHB are intellectual property owned by Waitemata DHB, including the copyright in all items.  The presence of any resources, images or otherwise on the courses, resources and on this website does not constitute consent (implied or otherwise) for them to be copied or used.  By using this website you agree to be legally bound by the terms stated under Terms and Conditions on this website.

Do I need to pay for CALD training / who is eligible for free training?

  • If you are not eligible for funded online and face-to-face courses, you will have to pay for booking a course for a team/group or pay for enrolling into an individual online or face-to-face course as an individual.
  • See Eligibility section for eligibility criteria.
  • See Enrolment section when eligible or when not eligible for free enrolment. 

How do I enrol for an online / face-to-face course?

To find out more about how to enrol for online or face-to-face courses, please go to the Enrolment section.

Can I re-enrol for a course which I have already completed?

Yes, you can re-enrol for any online or face-to-face course for up to 10 times. See Terms and Conditions.

How can I get my course certificate?

Online course certificate

  • At the end of the online course, you will immediately be taken to the Course Certificate after you have completed the evaluation form.
  • If you have misplaced your certificate(s), you can access all your certificates in your eCALD® Account. 

Face-to-Face course certificate

  • Usually a printed copy of the Course Certificate will be provided at the end of the face-to-face training session by our course facilitator.
  • If you were not issued a certificate, it will be sent to you by email by eCALD Admin or you can access your certificate in your eCALD account.
  • If you have misplaced your certificate(s) you could retrieve it from your account or you could contact eCALD Admin.

How do I claim credits from professional / registration bodies after completing a CALD course?

You can use the eCALD course certificate to claim professional development points from your registration or accreditation bodies.

Online Course Queries

Online Study - Important Information, Tips & Tricks

  • You can do your online study at anytime (24/7) once you have been approved for your enrolled course, except when the eCALD learning management or course systems are not available during maintenance or upgrades.
  • You can do your online study at home or at work as long as your PC system or device meets the minimum system requirements.
  • You can do your online study at your own pace - that is, you can exit the course and come back to it at a later date. When you resume the online course, the system will take you back to where you last exited.
  • You have 60 days to complete your course from the date of approval.  You will receive email reminding you to complete the course before the expiry date. Your course will expire if you have not completed or not started the course within the 60 days. 
  • You can re-enrol for the same course if it has expired; you can re-enrol up to 10 times.
  • You will receive a Certificate of Completion after completing the online course and evaluation form.
  • Headphones are required especially when studying in an open plan area at home or at work.

Who can I contact for enrolment / online study issues?

Please contact eCALD Admin during service hours for enrolment, online or system issues.

NB: To get the best user experience from your online study please ensure your system is meeting the Minimum System Requirements (listed under FAQs).

How to I start or resume my online study?

To Start or Resume your online study:

  • go to Login on the top menu bar
  • enter your Username <email address> and Password
  • if you are logged in, your eCALD® account page will display
  • incomplete online courses will always appear on your Home page, eg Culture & Cultural Competency”
  • click the Start or the Resume button of the course on your dashboard.

Things to Note:

  • When you resume your online study, the system will display the last page you you were on before you exited.

See more on Important Information, Tips & Tricks for online study.

How do I access the full notes of the online course I have just completed?

Full notes are not provided for online courses however you can access your journal of self-reflection responses upon completion of your course.

When taking up an online course, you will be given options to save self-reflective responses in to a Journal. The journal will be available in your account once you have completed the course.

My online course is not loading or is loading very slowly

  • If you are experiencing speed issues compared to other times, it could be due to an issue with your network or home PC system.
  • If you have network issues or technical problems with your computer at work, please contact your IS department and let them know about our system requirements.
  • If your work or home DESKTOP computer cannot run the online course effectively, we recommend you attend a face-to-face course.


Face-to-Face Course Queries

How do I find the training venue for a face-to-face course?

Go to the Training Venues section to view location detail. 

Are face-to-face courses only held in Auckland?

We provide face-to-face courses across New Zealand.

We only advertise the Auckland-based scheduled face-to-face courses in our Course Calendar.

We do not advertise out-of-Auckland face-to-face courses in other regions, like Canterbury DHB, Southland DHB, Taranaki DHB, Midcentral DHB, Waikato DHB. These face-to-face courses are promoted by the respective DHBs. If you wish to enrol into courses promoted by out-of-Auckland regions, email request to eCALD Admin.

Our Auckland-based or Out-of Auckland face-to-face courses are available for anyone who is eligible for free enrolments to enrol.

Can I attend face to face courses offered at locations offered in any of the Auckland-metro DHBs, even if I am not an employee of Waitemata DHB, Counties, Manukau DHB or Auckland DHB

Yes, if you are eligible for free enrolments, you can enrol into any of the face-to0face courses held in venues located at Waitemata DHB or Auckland DHB, or Counties Manukau DHB or outside of Auckland.

See Eligibility and Enrolment section for more information.

If you are not familiar with Training Venues, check out location details here.