The New Zealand publicly funded health and disability workforce are eligible for the Ministry of Health funded face-to-face and online Courses for Working with CALD Patients; face-to-face Courses for Culturally Diverse Workplaces and face-to-face and online Courses for Interpreters.

Select one of the options below to find out if you or your organisation meet the criteria for free access to courses.


Individuals within New Zealand are eligible for free access to eCALD courses if you meet either of the criteria below:

  • you are either a health practitioner or a non-clinical staff (eg customer service or admin staff/manager, receptionists, corporate staff/manager, etc) working in a:
    • primary, secondary and tertiary care organisation
    • non-governmental health organisation (NGO)
  • you are a health practitioner working in non-eligible organisations, eg a nurse working in a school. In this instance the school is a non-eligible organisation, however, the private practitioner is eligible to register as an individual private practitioner
  • you are an independent private health practitioner not working with any organisation, and your credential can be found in Linkedin, Healthpoint, or other sites for eCALD Admin validation process.


I meet one these criteria I don't meet either of these criteria


All health organisations or agencies funded by Health New Zealand Te Whatu Ora within New Zealand are eligible for free access to eCALD courses.


We meet this criteria We don't meet this criteria