eCALD® Team

SueLimSue Lim QSM, eCALD® National Programme Director, Institute for Innovation and Improvement, Waitemata DHB

Sue is the founder of eCALD© ServicesShe has been leading the development of eCALD® courses and resources since 2005, working in partnership, collaboration and in conjunction with experts in cross-cultural research and training, subject-matter experts, e-learning technical experts, media production experts and health professionals.


  • Sue Lim, eCALD® National Programme Director

  • Dr Annette Mortensen, eCALD® Project Manager: Research and Development

  • Michelle Abbas, eCALD® Web Developer and Web Master

  • Elena Wong, eCALD® Course Coordinator

  • Amy Cao, eCALD® Course Coordinator

  • Mariska Mannes, Deliquo Communication Ltd

  • Tanya Wolstencroft, Cross-Cultural Trainer, ex General Practitioner

  • Dr Sai Wong, ADHB, WDHB, CMDHB Consultant Psychiatrist

  • Dr Ashok Malur, ADHB Consultant Psychiatrist

  • Patrick Au, ADHB Mental Health Service Coordinator/Trainer

  • Shahin Payam, AUT PHD Doctoral Student and Lecturer

  • Sue Lim, eCALD® National Programme Director


Our redesigned eCALD© website was launched on 14th August 2017.

We would like to acknowledge the following development and design experts for the build and design of the website:

  • Priya Singh from Prigo Ltd for the provision of web development service using the Silverstripe framework (back-end and front-end build).
  • Phil Bannister from Greenwire Limited for the provision of web design and expert advice.