Our Team

Founder and eCALD® National Programme Director

Sue Lim QSM

Sue is the founder of eCALD© Services, Institute for Innovation and Improvement (i3), Waitemata DHB. She has led the development of the digitally-enabled eCALD® cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD) education programme for primary, secondary and NGO health workforce between 2005 to now. In her previous role, as the service manager of Asian Health Services, Waitemata DHB between 2000 and 2015, she has sourced funding, developed and managed a range of Asian culture-specific services and a 24-7 interpreting service.  

She has been working in the ethnic minority space for twenty-two years. Her development of ethnic minority programmes, services and education including digital solutions from 2000 to now has won her numerous awards.

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eCALD® Team

The following people make up the core eCALD team.

people sue lim

Sue Lim

eCALD® National Programme Director

people choi

Choi Foong Kew

eCALD® Cross-Cultural Educator

people michael

Michael Gulavin

eCALD® Digital Analyst

people elena

Elena Wong

eCALD® Course Coordinator

people amy

Amy Cao

eCALD® Course Coordinator

Our trainers and facilitators

Mariska Mannes 

Contracted eCALD® facilitator/trainer since 2010. During this time, she has conducted numerous classroom training to a range of health professionals including consultants, doctors, nurses and mental health practitioners. She consistently receives excellent feedback and results from participants. Mariska is also the Director of Deliquo Communication Limited and has extensive adult facilitation and training delivery experience in cross-cultural communication and business communication. Mariska also lectures in an MBA programme where she develops and delivers the module Cross-cultural Behaviour and Negotiation. 

Choi Foong Kew

Choi is a cross-cultural educator working with eCALD® Services since 2019. She is a Dapaanz accredited clinical supervisor and registered AOD/PG practitioner. She was the practice leader of Asian Family Services and extensive experience as a trainer before joining the eCALD® team.  Before her migration from Singapore in 2014, she was working with the National Addictions Management Service within the Institute of Mental Health as a senior counsellor.  Choi comes with more than 22 years of work experience in the social service and mental health fields that include counselling, training and supervision. She obtained her Master of Social Science in Professional Counselling from Swinburne University of Technology (Australia).

Katrina Penney

Katrina is contracted by eCALD® as a trainer/facilitator since 2017, teaching eCALD® modules 1, 3, 4 and 5. Katrina has a background in nursing and midwifery, since 2002 she has worked primarily in the International Humanitarian sector and with Former Refugees and Asylum Seekers arriving to New Zealand. Katrina has worked in the field in Afghanistan, Nepal, Yemen, Haiti and Sierra Leone either as a nurse, midwife, hospital manager or field coordinator. Katrina held the position of  Vice President of Médecins Sans Frontières Australia, from May 2013 - May 2019 and is a founding Trustee to the  Médecins Sans Frontières New Zealand Charitable Trust.  She has extensive experience as an educator and gained amazing feedback from our learners.

Sue Lim QSM

The founder and the National Programme Director eCALD® Services. She has led the development of eCALD® cultural competency courses and resources from 2005 to now. In her previous role as Operations Manager of Asian Health Services, Waitemata DHB, Sue was actively delivering cross-cultural education to health professionals working in primary and secondary care in the Waitemata region from 2002. Since assuming the role of the national programme director, she is more focussed on the development of course and resources. She will only deliver cultural training as needed.

Digital solutions provider

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