Winners of February 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes

Congratulations to the February 2021 winners!!  Below are winners in alphabetical name order by category, as well as information about prizes and how to claim them.



  • Amaninder Kaur, Procare Network Manukau Limited
  • Angela Yu, Alliance Health Plus Trust in CMDHB
  • Annapriya Johnson, Auckland District Health Board
  • Christopher McMillan, Procare Network Manukau Limited
  • Fiona Hillebrand, Procare Network North
  • Glenda Huston, Taranaki District Health Board
  • Hugh McCready, Auckland District Health Board
  • Jeremy Chong, Ember Services Limited - South Auckland region
  • Jessica Timms, Auckland District Health Board
  • Melissa Du Toit, Auckland District Health Board
  • Renita Nair, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Sheenagh Cardis, Auckland District Health Board
  • Stacey Osborne, Ember Services Limited - Auckland region
  • Suzanne Williamson, The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners
  • Tepola Afemui, Auckland District Health Board



  • Anau Tatafu, Procare Network Manukau Limited
  • Anna Heaslip, Tamaki Health - Auckland DHB region
  • Bridget Ball, Cranford Hospice - Hawkes Bay
  • Christine Gouws, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Faith Njuru, Ngati Whatua Orakei Whai Maia Ltd
  • Fiona Jin, Ember Services Limited – Waitemata DHB region
  • Fofonga Fenton, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Lorene De Thierry, Ember Services Limited - Auckland region
  • Maia Brown, Taikura Trust in CMDHB
  • Martina Joseph, Auckland District Health Board
  • Mauro Tardella, Ember Services Limited - Auckland region
  • Michael Foliaki-Kioa, Taikura Trust in CMDHB
  • Miyoen Kim, Auckland District Health Board
  • Noeleen Christey, Otago Community Hospice
  • Selwyn Leaf, Tamaki Health - Counties-Manukau DHB region
  • Siriyada Paterson, Acupuncture NZ - Christchurch
  • Skye Hignett, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Stephanie Girsberger, Ember Services Limited - Auckland region
  • Trudi Walker, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Vicki Wright, Counties Manukau DHB



  • CATEGORY 1 GIFT PACKAGE: 1 x $30 countdown gift voucher, 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen Travel mug.
  • CATEGORY 2 GIFT PACKAGE: 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen Travel mug.



  • Please contact eCALD Admin by email at your earliest convenience providing us with a physical address to send the prize to.
  • Unclaimed prizes after three months will be re-drawn and given to new winners.

NB: There may be some delay with despatching of prizes to Winners during Covid Alert Level 3. 



Winners of February 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes