Winners of May 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes

Congratulations to the May 2021 winners!!  Below are winners in alphabetical name order by category, as well as information about prizes and how to claim them.



  • Becky Ware, Comprehensive Care PHO
  • Christine Standish-Currie, Midcentral District Health Board
  • Danielle Luinstra, Auckland District Health Board
  • David Berry, Midcentral District Health Board
  • Jane Farris, Private Pharmacists
  • Julie Retter, Waikato District Health Board
  • Kate Bennett, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Mandy La Roche, New Zealand Red Cross
  • Marcio Da Piedade, Refugees As Survivors New Zealand Trust
  • Marichel Cadavos, Waikato District Health Board
  • Nurmeen Akhtar, Auckland District Health Board
  • Olivia Marchand, Southern District Health Board
  • Sarah Fostekew, Waikato District Health Board
  • Sarah Foster, Linwood Avenue Community Corner Trust
  • Suzanne Carter, Auckland District Health Board



  • Bann Al-Kandi, Taikura Trust in CMDHB
  • Caroline Hill, Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga
  • Catherine Kennedy, Southern District Health Board
  • Charnnel McClintock, Waikato District Health Board
  • Debbie Mills, WellSouth Primary Health Network
  • Debbie Saint, Southern District Health Board
  • Demi Roser, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Gemma Ikahihifo, Taikura Trust in CMDHB
  • Jan Patterson, Harbour Hospice
  • Jeanette Setiawan, Tamaki Health - Auckland DHB region
  • Joanna Raiza Ajes, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Kimberley Bradley, Lakes Podiatry
  • Lucy Rose Scott, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Michele Naish, Auckland District Health Board
  • Michelle Sanders, The Trustees of Goodwood Park Trust
  • Rachel Hughes, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Reina Gedye, Auckland District Health Board
  • Sally-Anne Mary Bennett, Southern District Health Board
  • Steven Tong, Counties Manukau DHB Pharmacy
  • Yashasvini Kumari, Taikura Trust in CMDHB



  • CATEGORY 1 GIFT PACKAGE: 1 x $30 countdown gift voucher, 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen Travel mug.
  • CATEGORY 2 GIFT PACKAGE: 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen Travel mug.



  • Please contact eCALD Admin by email at your earliest convenience providing us with a physical address to send the prize to.
  • Unclaimed prizes after three months will be re-drawn and given to new winners.


Winners of May 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes