This section contains a range of resources relevant to enhancing cultural competency in healthcare settings.


cross cultural resources

Cross Cultural Resources

The supplementary resources in this section provide cultural-specific information and topics not covered in detail in the eCALD® courses.

translated information v2

Translated Information

A range of translated brochures and information which may be useful for CALD patients/clients and their families from Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African backgrounds.



A list of publications relating to Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African populations. Publication topics include: health needs, cultural competency approaches, demographics, evaluation, survey and more.

Research commentary

Research Commentary

eCALD® provides monthly commentary on research articles relating to Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African population health and CALD groups, which are downloadable from international or national websites. The commentaries are themed.


Migrant and Refugee Services

A list of cultural or language appropriate health and social services that may be useful for CALD migrant and refugee clients / patients from Asian, Middle Eastern and African backgrounds.

screening tools

Screening Tools

A list of clinical assessment and screening tools in multiple languages useful for clinicians working with clients who are non-English speakers or have limited English speaking ability.


Cultural Competence Assessment Tools

Ongoing cultural competency development involves having the capacity for cultural self-assessment. The following are useful tools for cultural competency self-assessment.