Toolkit for Health Workforce Working in a Culturally Diverse Workplace

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This resource provides guidance for the New Zealand health workforce working in a culturally diverse workplace to improve cross-cultural interactions.

It aims to assist staff and managers to improve understanding of value dimensions that cause barriers to effective cross cultural interaction and help identify strategies to enable effective working cross-cultural relating and engagement in a culturally diverse workplace.

The toolkit is divided into five sections which are colour coded and bookmarked for easy navigation.

Section A provides a general guide for staff working with colleagues in culturally diverse teams. Reflective questions are included and case examples illustrate some of the principles in question. This section is intended to be read by all staff.

Section B offers additional information for CALD immigrant staff working within a 'New Zealand' health environment. This includes a diagrammatic representation of the New Zealand health system and case examples illustrate some of the principles in question. This section is intended to be read by all CALD immigrant staff (including immigrant managers).

Section C provides information for managers who lead culturally diverse teams. This section is intended to be read by all managers.

Section D lists eCALD® Courses and Resources which complements this toolkit.

Section E contains appendices which include information on: Cultural Competence Standards, Legislation, and acronyms and idioms that are commonly used in New Zealand. References and Acknowledgements for the toolkit are included. This section is intended for all staff.

NB: The resource is not intended as a definitive guide, but as a quick reference tool only. It is designed to supplement training and is NOT adequate for, nor intended as a substitute for, appropriate training.


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