Winners of June 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes

Congratulations to the June 2021 winners!!  Below are winners in alphabetical name order by category, as well as information about prizes and how to claim them.



  • Andrea Pichler, Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust
  • Andrew Sutherland, Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust
  • Andy Basa, Auckland District Health Board
  • Dale Daborn, Ember Services Ltd - Waikato Region
  • Edfie Mayon, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Jacinth Lois Tuazon, Taikura Trust in CMDHB
  • Jannine Mullany, Youthtown, Palmerston North
  • Jenny Luke, Auckland District Health Board
  • Jo-Anne Peters, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Leevonia Meredith, Auckland District Health Board
  • Mandy Fibbes, Auckland District Health Board
  • Rachel D'Urban Burgess, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Teresa Urquhart, Healthcare Holding Limited - Auckland
  • Vivian Engu, Auckland District Health Board
  • Yvonne Marie Greenfield, Procare Network Auckland Limited



  • Ashley Park, Auckland District Health Board
  • Borong Wang, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Chantelle Snyman, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Clarice Leaia, Counties Manukau DHB
  • Estelle Verbeek, Waikato District Health Board
  • Freya Jackson, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Gillian Stevens, Comprehensive Care PHO
  • Hsuan-Ting (Tina) Huang, Comprehensive Care PHO
  • Kathryn Harkin, Habit Group - Canterbury
  • Katie Keir, Marlborough Primary Health
  • Kiri Windross, Youthline Auckland Charitable Trust
  • Luke Williamson, Auckland District Health Board
  • Michelle Kweon, Comprehensive Care PHO
  • Paula Odell, Mary Potter Hospice - CCDHB
  • Roy Salvilla, The Trustees of Goodwood Park Trust
  • Sapna Samant, Procare Network Auckland Limited
  • Shona Sorensen, Rotorua Area Primary Health Services
  • Stacey Clarke, Orthotic Centre (NZ) Ltd
  • Tina Williams, Auckland District Health Board
  • Yan Wong, University of Otago Student Health



  • CATEGORY 1 GIFT PACKAGE: 1 x $30 countdown gift voucher, 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen Travel mug.
  • CATEGORY 2 GIFT PACKAGE: 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen Travel mug.



  • Please contact eCALD Admin by email at your earliest convenience providing us with a physical address to send the prize to.


Winners of June 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes