Winners of March 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes

Congratulations to the March 2021 winners!!  Below are winners in alphabetical name order by category, as well as information about prizes and how to claim them.



  • Aditi Podder, Diversity Counselling NZ
  • Angela Prasad, Procare Network Manukau Limited
  • Claire (Jing) Hughes, Southern District Health Board
  • Dalus Kent, Procare Network Auckland Limited
  • Kate Donovan, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Kyleigh Pike, Aged Residential Care - Waikato Region
  • Lizzie Berry, Southern District Health Board
  • Mariel Trejo, Southern District Health Board
  • Natasha Henden, Auckland District Health Board
  • Ray Gesta, Refugees As Survivors New Zealand Trust
  • Rekha Pindoria, East Health Trust
  • Tania Taumihau, Procare Network Manukau Limited
  • Tracey Young, White Cross Healthcare Ltd (Auckland Central Region)
  • Vanessa Hall, Otago Community Hospice
  • Woo Choi, West Coast District Health Board



  • Catherine Champion, Southern District Health Board
  • Corrine Eaddy, Procare Network Auckland Limited
  • Courtney Bowen, Tamaki Health - Counties-Manukau DHB region
  • Deisy Almanzar, Southern District Health Board
  • Diane Healey, Cranford Hospice - Hawkes Bay
  • Fadhel Tooq, Southern District Health Board
  • Glenys Findlay, New Zealand Red Cross
  • Jan Tappin, East Health Trust
  • Jenny Sung, Waitemata District Health Board
  • June Hare, Ember Services Limited Waitemata DHB region
  • Karina Ostria, Southern District Health Board
  • Meliame Ofahengaue, Auckland District Health Board
  • Noe Jr Mancao, The Trustees of Goodwood Park Trust
  • Peter Nestor, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Saber Elsafty, Private GP Practice
  • Saher Aziz, Southern District Health Board
  • Seena Eappen, Waitemata District Health Board
  • Sylvia Pyatt, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Vicky Weir, Southern PHO
  • Wai Sum Fong, Southern District Health Board



  • CATEGORY 1 GIFT PACKAGE: 1 x $30 countdown gift voucher, 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen Travel mug.
  • CATEGORY 2 GIFT PACKAGE: 1 x eCALD® Lanza jute tote bag and 1 x Aspen Travel mug.



  • Please contact eCALD Admin by email at your earliest convenience providing us with a physical address to send the prize to.
  • Unclaimed prizes after three months will be re-drawn and given to new winners.


Winners of March 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes