Guidelines and training for "Working with remote interpreters" for health practitioners

eCALD® has rolled out a set of guidelines and training for practitioners on 27th March 2020.  The following guidelines and training provide essential knowledge and practical skills on how to provide effective remote services to non-English speaking clients when engaging a remote interpreter over the telephone or video conferencing:

  • "Guidelines for working with remote interpreters"
  • "Module 101: Working with remote interpreters [HP]" for health practitioners. Duration: 1-5 hour session delivered via zoom

In addition to the above, eCALD® also have an existing 3-hour e-learning “Module 4: Working with interpreters” for those who prefer learning online at their own pace at home or work.

What do the learners (interpreters) say about the courses? 

Usefulness of the course.

"This was very helpful. I wish I had done it much earlier." 

“Really useful, thanks! We can use interpreters but aren't offered any training by the DHB on how to use them successfully. I've had some bad experiences and reflecting back can see where and why.” 

"Well written and engaging. Videos in particular were well scripted. Useful to see both poor and good sessions. Valuable advice for more than just using interpreters.” 

“I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have worked with interpreters on many occasions, in outpatient and in the community. I will certainly maximise this resource in the future.” 

“This module is very valuable in my area of practice as we request for professional interpreter for our patients regularly. This is highly useful for me. 

Enhanced understanding and gained skills.

“This as a very helpful and clear teaching course and it is great to learn concrete skills.” 

“I am scheduled to work with a family and interpreter in the next week and feel far more competent to do so.”  

“Excellent course. Very appropriate. Videos of high quality an pertinent to the issue." 

“Deepened earlier understanding. Had upskilled and will allow for greater patient interaction/care." 

“Suggestions about how to do the debrief without the patient and how to manage the session were very useful.” 

Applying learning into practice. 

"This course was extremely helpful and it was very obvious from the videos that a practitioner who has a good understanding of working effectively with interpreters achieves a vastly superior outcome on all fronts. I will definitely be putting information from this course into practice." 

"I have learnt things that I am going to add to my sessions with interpreters. Have learned a lot, thank you."

How do I enrol into the course?  

  1. Go to "Make Enrolment" in your eCALD® account. NB: If you do not have an eCALD® account, you can create one first.
  2. Once your enrolment is approved by eCALD® admin, you will be sent an auto-email providing you information about how to access your workbook, handouts, etc and how to join the course on the training day.  

Where can I find the upcoming courses? 

Click here to view the upcoming Module 101 remote training courses. 

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Guidelines and training for "Working with remote interpreters" for health practitioners