Training for "Interpreting remotely in the healthcare setting" for interpreters

eCALD® has launched an e-learning and a remote face-to-face course for interpreters between 2nd April and May 2020. The course provides provide understanding, knowledge and practicals on how to interpret effectively when interacting remotely with health practitioners and clients:

How many interpreters have taken up the course? 

Over one-hundred-and-sixty (>170) interpreters across the country have enrolled in Module 201 e-learning and remote training sessions between 7th April 2020 to 30th May 2020.

Learners' feedback about the remote F2F and e-learning courses?

The remote course has scored >85% for all indicators with the quality of the course content average rating at 93.9%. Below is a few examples of what remote learners (interpreters) have said about the course.

(Source: eCALD(®) LMS database: post-training evaluation data).

Applied learning into practice successfully and had a great learning experience.

"After I attended the training, I had to provide three interpreting sessions today. I politely initiated the pre-brief & structuring with the clinicians (to establish the objectives, consecutive interpreting process, a cue to pause and allow interpreting); I reminded clinicians to inform patients that everything said in the session will be interpreted. I did these with clinicians in 3 different sessions and they all appreciated it. They thanked me for helping them understand and I believe that it resulted in a good outcomes for the patients and good patients’ experiences as well."

"After the training session on how to practise interpreting remotely online, not only did I [get] a hang of how to set up the online system, including the " Zoom App ", also having a first but awesome in field-like experience while we're being asked to point out any dialogue or behaviour were practicing against "The Code of Ethics" of interpreting in two of prospective demonstration scenes." 

The course provided enhanced understanding and new knowledge.

"Great course, enhanced what we already know and are doing and at the same time highlighted to the new challenges that we will be facing in this new era of interpreting. Its a huge learning curve for everyone involved so staying calm , communicating, clarifying is the key to the success of everyone involved. Thank you for taking the time to go through this with us, much appreciated."

"I was quite ignorant about this ZOOM-oriented setting, so had a bit of wiggling. But now have a better idea how it works. Its good to learn this skill especially at time of such a high demand of this kind of meeting/ communication in community as well. Thanks."

The course was highly valued.

"This is an ESSENTIAL traiing for starting the remote interpreting services in the healthcare setting. It was a very practical and informative session. Thanks fo the eCALD team."

"The course was interactive and informative."

"The trainers were very good tutors. I hope eCALD will maintain this way of training for interpreters to have a chcnce to update their knowledge, skills and information needed."

"The eCALD trainer did a great job. Thanks for offering this free training session. It will be important for the times ahead and it never hurts for interpreters to refresh their knowledge and professional development."

"The eCALD trainer was presiding over the 1.5 hrs long session so easy & comfortably that all of the attendees were able to complete the course with the strong feeling of great fufilllment & worthwhile doing sign up the course at the end." 

The e-learning course has scored between 90-100% for all indicators. Below is a few examples of what e-learners (interpreters) have said about the course.

(Source: eCALD(®) LMS database: post-training evaluation data).

"This course covered every aspect of remote interpreting in the healthcare setting that I could think of, which is excellent.  What I like most about this course is all the practical suggestions which I can use in my work."

"I gained a lot of knowledge that I didn't know. For my future interpretation work is really beneficial. At the same time, I am more clear about my rights and obligations in interpretation. Thank you very much for your help."

"The course is very helpful to raise my awareness of all the potential issues and things we should be prepared for/do at the start of the session to ensure a smooth interpreting process. I understand that we should take time to talk to HPs to make sure they understand interpreting process, so we could work together smoothly. And we should keep the communication channel open whenever there is any problem during the process."

"Its really good as a refresher course for all of us interpreters.. well it was good for me. I like everything about the course."

How do I enrol into the course? 

  1. Go to "Make Enrolment" in your eCALD® account. NB: If you do not have an eCALD® account, you can create on the LOGIN PAGE.
  2. Once your enrolment is approved by eCALD® admin, you will be sent an auto-email providing you information about how to access your workbook, handouts, etc and how to join the course on the training day. 

Where can I find the upcoming courses?

  • The Module 201 e-learning course is always available for enrolment (see how to enrol above).
  • You can view upcoming scheduled remote F2F Module 201 here.

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Training for "Interpreting remotely in the healthcare setting" for interpreters