Module 301-3

Treating cross-culturally


This module aims to enhance rapport-building, communication, intervention, and treatment outcome for CALD clients.

It provides material for selecting suitable therapeutic modalities for CALD clients; understanding ethnopsychopharmacology applicable to CALD clients; identifying differing ethnocultural transference issues; collaborative approaches to enhance clinical intervention.


Key topics covered in this module

The following key topics are covered:

  • Modality for intervention
  • Ethnopsychopharmacology
  • Ethnocultural transference
  • Collaboration in intervention
  • An integrative treatment plan
  • Seeking collegial input

Learning outcomes for this module

At the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • select a suitable therapeutic modality for your CALD client (specific psychologists)
  • apply ethnopsychopharmacological considerations in your intervention
  • identify ethnocultural transference and counter-transference issues
  • collaborate successfully in a holistic treatment plan
  • create an integrated treatment plan.

About the other modules in this programme

This training programme includes 3 other modules

  • 301-1 Pre-requisites for CALD practice
    • Cultural competence in New Zealand
    • Cultural competence in mental health
    • Cultural awareness
      • Cultural constructs
      • Cultural dimensions
    • Cultural sensitivity
    • Cultural knowledge
      • Acculturation
      • Intergenerational issues
      • Sensitive issues
    • Skills development
      • Checklist for CALD engagement
      • Case vignette
  • 301-2 Assessment and Diagnosis
    • Cultural variations
      • CALD engagement
      • Expression of distress
      • Explanatory models
    • Assessment
      • Screening
      • MSE
      • Suicide risk
    • Diagnostic issues
      • Risk of misdiagnosis
      • Personality disorders
      • Cultural formulation
      • CALD Assessment Tool
      • Developing a formulation
  • 301-4 Working with interpreters in mental health
    • About interpreters
    • Language assessment
    • Pre-briefing interpreters
    • Structuring a session
    • Debriefing interpreters
    • Addressing common interpreting issues

Overall aim of the full training programme

The training programme is designed to:

  • facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, the development of awareness and sensitivity to cultural factors, and provide opportunities to apply these as skills in practice.
  • fill the gap between theory and practice: there is a proliferation of papers and discussion on cultural competence in the literature and internet, but very little to guide the application of cultural competence learning in a practical way.

Target audience

This programme is recommended for clinicians working with CALD clients in the field of psychiatry and psychology in the New Zealand health system.


E-Learning online self-paced learning = 4 hours.

Treating cross-culturally

Treating cross-culturally

Online course

This module is available as a self guided 4 hour online course.


Good separation of various information to help with future revision

Good separation of various information, ie the compartmentalising of the various modalities and treatments. This helps for easy revision if the user wants to go back and refresh their memory.


Excellent quizzes, summary and tools.

Well-thought out and planned module. Very interesting with plenty to revise, and some new knowledge. The videos and quizzes are engaging and provide variation in learning styles. I find the 'Resources' and 'Tools' sections very useful and intend to use them in my practice.

Mental health nurse

Self-reflection and the quiz enhance learning.

Self-reflection and quiz enhance learning.


Well structured and presented, Interesting and informative with good interactive elements.

I think the content is interesting and informative. I like the interactive elements, how the course is structured presented.


Ethnocultural transference

The ethnocultural transference section is so important!!