Topic: "Welcome to the Digital Village"


Cross-Cultural Interest Group Webinar - 16th May 2023 (Tuesday)


Children and young people in Aotearoa are growing up as ‘digital natives, spending lots of time on smartphones and other devices. Although there are multiple dangers associated with such technology, there are also numerous opportunities for delivering mental health and well-being support via digital means. In this session, Hiran will describe some of the evidence-based, co-designed and culturally congruent initiatives developed locally and those from abroad that may be of use to digitally capable immigrant mental health practitioners. He will also explore how we can further improve the connections between digital and face-to-face healthcare.

Patrick Au, our CCIG Advisory Group member, will facilitate this session.

See below for more information about the Speaker and the Webinar facilitator.

Participants can join the evening webinar via zoom.

Registration is open until 6.30 pm, 16th May 2023.

a) Webinar recordings will be available three weeks post the event.
b) PowerPoint slides will be made available three weeks post the event.
c) A certificate of attendance will be issued within two weeks after the event.


Tuesday 16th May, 2023


Presentation starts 6.30pm-8.00pm


Available as Zoom Webinar


Dr Hiran Thabrew

Dr Hiran Thabrew

Director of Te Ara Hāro, Centre for Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, University of Auckland and a member of the Consult Liaison Team at Starship Hospital, e Whatu Ora - Te Toka Tomai, Auckland.

Dr Hiran Thabrew is a dual-trained child psychiatrist and paediatrician. He is director of Te Ara Hāro, Centre for infant, child and adolescent mental health at the University of Auckland and a member of the Consult Liaison Team at Starship Hospital. He is also the director of a national child and adolescent research network (CARN) and a non-profit organisation for the promotion of children’s mental health ( Hiran’s research is focused on improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Current research topics include the development of eHealth interventions to reduce anxiety; suicide prevention; the care of children with long-term physical conditions, eating disorders and autism; school-based health; and COVID-related mental health issues.

Patrick Au

Patrick Au

Event MC
eCALD Cross Cultural Advisory Member and Nurse Specialist | Asian Mental Health Services | Whatu Ora - Te Toka Tomai, Auckland.

Patrick Au is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse. Originally from Hong Kong, Patrick has worked in various mental health settings in New Zealand. He is currently the Team Leader of the Asian Mental Health Services of e Whatu Ora - Te Toka Tomai, Auckland.