CALD 1CS - Cultural Competency & Customer Service

CALD 1CS - Cultural Competency & Customer Service

This course is a pre-requisite for other CALD courses for Culturally Diverse Workplaces. The content of this course is similar to the CALD 1 Culture & Cultural Competency course. It is suitable for the health workforce working in customer service or admin roles (eg GP/ward receptionists, pharmacists, triage nurses, volunteers) to gain cultural awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, and skills that are applicable in cross-cultural interactions.

With the requirement for stricter social distancing, we are now offering REMOTE TRAINING OPTIONS via zoom, on top of the current range of e-learning culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) e-learning (online) courses. 

We used zoom features in our remote zoom training to keep participants engaged, eg:

  • breakout rooms for small group discussions
  • whiteboard for recording discussions within the wider group
  • chat box to engage learners with specific activities
  • multi-media to enhance teaching points.



  • 4-hour for face-to-face in-person (facilitated by an educator)
  • 1.5-hour remote face-to-face training via video conferencing (an abridged version facilitated by an educator via zoom)
  • 3-hour online self-paced, self-reflective, and interactive learning (e-learning)

This course is intended for the health workforce working in primary care, secondary care or NGO services in customer service roles or non-clinical roles (eg receptionist).

The aim of the course is to increase awareness of your own cultural values and cultural values different from your own; to help you recognise cultural differences and evaluate how the differences can affect cross-cultural interactions and communication; and develop skills to apply the principles of cultural competence in your interaction with CALD clients.

At the end of the course, participants will:

  • Understand the need for cultural competency.
  • Be more aware of your own cultural values.
  • Understand and learn how to apply the four elements of cultural competency (cultural awareness, sensitivity, knowledge and skills) when working with clients from cultures different from one’s own.
  • Understand cultural sensitivity in practice.
  • Gain knowledge and skills to develop cultural competency in cross-cultural interactions.

On completing this course you will have developed new skills in cultural competency; and become aware of different cultural values and how assumptions, interpretations and judgements can impact on how we communicate with and understand our CALD clients or colleagues during interactions.

I enjoyed the use of videos and audios to complement the text and what is being learnt. Very good quality!

I am currently in O&G in CMDHB, so a lot of patients don't have English as a first language and have other cultures - this will be important when considering birth and gynaecology problems as there can be different values and beliefs.

Although not relevant in my current position, this course has certainly made me think about how I interact with people from other cultures which I was not really aware of previously.

Very well written and engaging.

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