CALD 11 - Working with Addiction with CALD Clients

CALD 11 - Working with Addiction with CALD Clients

This course is produced by eCALD Services in collaboration with Asian Family Services. The course is available in face-to-face format and will be available in online format on 30th September 2019.

  • 4 hours (DAPAANZ accredited) face-to-face training.
  • Online course will be available in Oct/Nov 2019 or earlier - tba.

It is expected that participants enrolling into this course, must have the basic knowledge about working with clients within the addiction context and have completed the following pre-requisite or recommended course(s):

This course is intended for anyone working with addiction clients. 

The aim of the course is to provide strategies for managing cross-cultural issues during the engagement, assessment, and treatment process in an addiction context when working with CALD clients and their families. 


  • Addiction in this course refers to gambling, alcohol, drug and gaming.
  • CALD clients in this course refer to culturally and linguistically diverse clients from Asian, Middle Eastern and African background.

Participants completing this course will:

  • Become aware of the importance of culturally competent addiction services for CALD clients and families
  • Have a better understanding of the barriers to access, cross cultural issues with engagement, assessment and treatment when working with CALD clients and families in addiction settings
  • Gain skills to develop trust and rapport with CALD clients and families.
  • Gain skills in cross-cultural clinical assessment, screening and treatment

On completing this course you will have greater insight of the issues surrounding addiction issues with CALD clients and their families; will become aware of how to develop rapport and trust with CALD clients and families and gain skills in cross-cultural engagement, assessment and intervention with CALD clients.

Scenarios, interactive discussions [were] very helpful for learning. [The course is] very relevant and necessary.


Excellent, learnt a lot..


I feel very enlightened and will be advocating for more of this training for the Gambling Harm workforce.


Great video clips.

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