Module 1 - Culture & Cultural Competency

This course is for staff working in clinical roles. The aim of the course is to help learners understand ways to interact in a culturally competent manner with CALD patients and families. This course will increase awareness of your own cultural values, gain skills to recognise cultural differences and develop skills to apply the principles of cultural competence in practice.


Monday 10th October, 2022




Ko Awatea Centre, Room KA 101, Middlemore HospitalView map


  • This course has no prerequisites

This course is a pre-requisite for all other CALD courses (except for the Module 1CS Cultural Competency & Customer Service course). Suitable for health practitioners who wish to gain cultural awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, and skills that are applicable in cross-cultural interactions.


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26 September 2022

Course location


Ko Awatea Centre, Room KA 101, Middlemore Hospital View in Google Maps

Ko Awatea Centre


Building 54, Middlemore hospital


The Ko Awatea Centre of Education and Innovation is in Building 54, view and download the map below to help you locate the centre.

Floor map

Floor map for Ko Awatea Centre

Module 1 - Culture and Cultural Competency

Module 1 - Culture and Cultural Competency