Module 1 CS - Cultural Competency & Customer Service

This course is for customer service or non-clinical roles. The aim of this course is to increase awareness of your own cultural values and cultural values different from your own and to develop skills to apply the principles of cultural competence in your interaction with CALD clients.


Thursday 13th June, 2024




Delivered via Zoom


  • This course has no prerequisites

This course is a pre-requisite for other CALD courses for Culturally Diverse Workplaces. The content of this course is similar to the Module 1 Culture & Cultural Competency course. It is suitable for the health workforce working in customer service or admin roles (eg GP/ward receptionists, pharmacists, triage nurses, volunteers) to gain cultural awareness, sensitivity, knowledge, and skills that are applicable in cross-cultural interactions.


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5 June 2024

Cultural Competency & Customer Service

Cultural Competency & Customer Service