Project Connect - International Student Online Resources | Asian Family Services

'Project Connect - International Student Online Resources' is an initiative led by Asian Family Services (AFS) and funded by the Ministry of Education's International Student Wellbeing Strategy.

The project aims to address the gaps that exist in the provision for Asian international students with mental wellbeing and social integration into New Zealand society. The goals of this project are to:

  • promote intercultural interactions
  • foster links between international students and the community
  • provide information on:
    • how to support their mental wellbeing
    • health and safety
    • support services available for them

The online resources include:

  • Supporting your mental wellbeing as an international student 
    • Introduction of the integrated tree model
    • Symptoms of stress and overload 
    • What is problem gambling
    • Time management
    • Breathing exercise
  • Health and Safety
    • What should you do in a car accident?
    • International student insurance
    • Tenancy agreements
    • Scams
    • Sexual violation
    • Family harm
    • Calling the police - 111, 105 and *555 (traffic call)
    • Protecting yourself while shopping online
  • Intercultural communication
    • Intercultural communication framework
    • A journey to Taiwan from a Kiwi perspective
    • My journey as a Korean International Student in NZ
    • The perspective of success between Korean and Kiwi culture
    • A successful and flourishing life as an international student
    • Intrinsic and extrinsic success for Korean and Kiwi cultures
  • Real People, Real journeys 
    • My journey to becoming a teacher in New Zealand
    • How to build a positive experience as an international student
    • A journey to becoming an international student as a law student
    • Tips for a successful transition to NZ from an international student to full-time employment

To find out more about this project and the online resources, click here.


Other resources

Asian Family Services have other valuable multi-lingual resources relating to:

  • Gambling harm 
  • COVID-19
  • Mental health
  • Wellbeing
  • Parenting
  • International students
  • Reach out campaign
  • AOD
  • Research publications
  • Suicide prevention
Project Connect - International Student Online Resources | Asian Family Services