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Winners of February 2021 eCALD Anniversary Prizes

Congratulations to the February 2021 winners!!  Below are winners in alphabetical name order by category, as well as information about prizes and how to claim them.

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64th Edition

This edition promotes the "Free Counselling and Psychological Services in Multiple Languages"and the "Chinese Service Development Project", as well as other news.

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eCALD® Cross-Cultural Interest Group News - December 2020

We are delighted to end our 2020 Cross-cultural interest group (CCIG) seminar series with an informative, topical and interesting talk about “e-Cigarettes and Vaping – a panacea or a bane to smoking in current times?”

Winners of October 2020 eCALD Anniversary Prizes

Congratulations to the October 2020 winners!!

“REACH OUT” campaign in multiple languages | Asian Family Services

According to the Asian Family Services Report on the ‘New Zealand Asian Mental Health & Wellbeing’ in 2020, at least 43.9% of Asians have experienced some form of mental health distress since the COVID-19 lockdown.

2020 RASNZ Awards

RASNZ would like to acknowledge and thank those people who have made an exceptional contribution and positive difference for resettled communities in Auckland.

eCALD Remote face-to-face CALD courses are now available

In response to the need for more contact-less training services as a result of the COVID-19 situation, eCALD Services are pleased to announce the provision of “remote face-to-face courses delivered by an educator via zoom” in addition to the current provision of e-learning courses and face-to-face courses to provide more options to our learners.

RASNZ COVID-19 Response Study

This study was commissioned to capture the experiences of Refugees as Survivors NZ (RASNZ) clinical and community services as they responded to COVID 19 and to understand the impact on service users in order to inform future mental health and well-being service provision for peoples from refugee backgrounds.

Asian Family Services Webinar for International Students

Topics covered will include: Personal safety, keeping yourself safe whether you are at home or out and about; Maintaining good health and wellbeing while studying in New Zealand; Health and travel insurance and tenancy issues for international students


Cross-Cultural Interest Group (CCIG) Zoom Webinar - 20th October 2020

eCALD® is pleased to announce our upcoming October 2020 Cross-Cultural Interest Group [CCIG] evening session.

Understanding Social Work Provision to Former Refugee and Marginalised Migrant Communities in Auckland | 2020

A collaborative group of NGOs commissioned this research report: Belong Aotearoa, UMMA Trust, RASNZ, NZ Red Cross, Asylum Seekers Support Trust, Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition and Family Action as part of their collective roles supporting New Zealand’s former refugee and migrant background communities.

Cross Cultural Interest Group, evening seminar - 18th August 2020

eCALD® is pleased to announce our upcoming August 2020 Cross Cultural Interest Group [CCIG] evening session.

New Zealand Asian Mental Health and Wellbeing Report [2020]

The research surveyed 580 Asian New Zealanders across the country and found almost 44 per cent of them experienced some form of mental distress since the COVID-19 Level 4 lockdown. The survey found high levels of anxiety and nervousness, as well as racism. 

Chinese Families Autism Support Group [21st July 2020]

Disability Connect offers monthly Chinese Families Autism Support group with information and advice for Mandarin- and Cantonese-speaking families raising children with Autism in Auckland.