Cross Cultural Resources

The supplementary resources in this section provide cultural-specific information and topics not covered in detail in the eCALD® Cultural Competency “Courses for Working with Patients” and “Courses for Culturally Diverse Workplaces”.  It aims to provide the New Zealand health workforce opportunity to further enhance their cultural understanding working with CALD patients/clients and their cross cultural interactions in a culturally diverse workplace.  

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Telehealth (video) consultation involving an interpreter

This video shows health practitioners "what is needed and what to expect for a video appointment when an involving interpreter".

working with interpreters

Guidelines for working with interpreters

This resource provides guidance for health practitioners with processes and protocols to work more effectively with face-to-face and remote interpreters. The guidelines include procedures for:


Risks involved when using untrained interpreters in a health consultation

This is a video showing what can go wrong when conducting a health consultation involving a child as an interpreter. We should never use a child as an interpreter. 

Cross cultural
Online Toolkit

Cross-Cultural Resource

This is a comprehensive guide for health practitioners working with CALD clients/patients from Asian, Middle Eastern and African cultures.

Culturally diverse workplace
Online Toolkit

Toolkit for Health Workforce Working in a Culturally Diverse Workplace

This resource provides guidance for the New Zealand health workforce working in a culturally diverse workplace to improve cross-cultural interactions.

Asian children
Online Resource PDF

Caring for Asian Children Resource

This e-book and downloadable PDF resource is written for health providers caring for Asian children and young people and their families.

Disability awareness
Online Resource

Working with CALD Families - Disability Awareness

This online HTML resource provides additional cultural specific information relating to disability and perspectives from Asian, Middle Eastern and African cultures not covered in our courses.

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine

This resource is an informative video describing the ayurveda explanatory health model.

Religious diversity
Online Resource

Working with Religious Diversity

This resource provides additional religio-cultural information not covered in our courses, it contains tips and guidelines, and approaches based on cultural consideration.

Asian mental health
Online Resource

Working with Asian Mental Health Clients

This HTML online resource is a guide for working with Asian clients in a mental health context which provides additional information not covered in the courses. 

Middle eastern and african mental health
Online Resource

Working with Middle Eastern & African Mental Health Clients

This HTML online resource is a guide for healthcare practitioners who work with African and Middle Eastern clients in a mental health context. 

Child mental health resource

CALD Child and Adolescent Mental Health

This resource is a guidance document for health providers working in a mental health context with CALD children and adolescents and their families from Asian, Middle Eastern and African backgrounds