Positive Parenting Programme | RASNZ

RASNZ Community Team delivers Teen and Primary Care Triple P-based discussion groups in the community to families from refugee backgrounds. The programmes empower communities and families and provide relevant information and strategies to help them adjust to the new culture,

Teen Triple P

  • Introduction to the 4 training modules
  • Getting teenagers to cooperate
  • Coping with teenager’s emotions
  • Building teenagers’ survival skills
  • Reducing family conflicts

Teen Triple P Flyer + How to access  

Primary Care Triple P

  • Introduction to the 5 training modules
  • Dealing with disobedience
  • Managing fighting and aggression
  • Developing good bedtime routines
  • Hassle-free shopping with children
  • Hassle-free mealtimes

Primary Care Triple P Flyer + How to access

Positive Parenting Programme | RASNZ