Jul 27th 2020

Understanding Social Work Provision to Former Refugee and Marginalised Migrant Communities in Auckland [2020]

A collaborative group of NGOs commissioned this research report: Belong Aotearoa, UMMA Trust, RASNZ, NZ Red Cross, Asylum Seekers Support Trust, Aotearoa Resettled Community Coalition and Family Action as part of their collective roles supporting New Zealand’s former refugee and migrant background communities.

The research examined the community sector social work provision that are designed and delivered in ways that are “bespoke” or tailored to meet the needs of refugee-background and marginalised migrant communities within the Auckland region.

The purpose is to understand priority issues experienced by these population groups that require social work support; the need for, and characteristics of, culturally bespoke service provision; the challenges that bespoke providers experience; and opportunities to address potential gaps to increase impact at a systems level.

The research interviewed a series of key informants, made up of stakeholders from organisations that are positioned to provide strategic advice and or share their on-the-ground experience of the social work landscape in Auckland for these population groups.

The themes of the findings include:

  • highest need communities
  • key social work needs
  • bespoke social work support
  • key challenges experienced by bespoke providers
  • a summary of opportunities for impact.

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