Mar 30th 2020

eCALD Remote face-to-face CALD courses are now available

With the current COVID-19 situation requiring stricter social distancing, we are now providing “remote face-to-face courses” instead of face-to-face courses to reduce close contacts. The remote courses are provided by an educator via zoom. This means you now have a choice of accessing our e-learning courses or remote face-to-face courses delivered via zoom (1.5-hour duration). 

For our zoom training we used the following features to keep participants engaged: 

  • breakout rooms for small group discussions
  • whiteboard and chat-box to engage learners with specific activities
  • multi-media to enhance teaching points.

Check out the remote face-to-face options available here:

Things to note:

  • you need to have an eCALD® account to make enrolment. To register for an eCALD® account, please go to this LOGIN page.
  • you can view our CALENDAR for a list of available remote F2F courses.
  • who is eligible to enrol into this module? Health practitioners working in secondary, primary and NGO services.

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eCALD Remote face-to-face CALD courses are now available