Oct 12th 2018

Launch of the “Suicide Prevention Resources for Chinese People”

Asian Family Services proudly launched their new “Suicide Prevention Resources for Chinese People” on 10th October 2018. The resources were produced with leadership and direction from the “Suicide Prevention Advisory Group” made up of Dr Gary Cheung, Patrick Au, Dr Elsie Ho, Rebecca Zhang, Kelly Feng, Ingrid Wang, Kung Zhang and Ivan Yeo. The two multi-media resources are produced in two key Chinese languages: Mandarin and Cantonese. The aim of these culturally and linguistically appropriate multi-media resources is to educate the Chinese community. Important messages include: the phenomenon of suicide among Asians in New Zealand; common themes in completed suicides; contributing factors; how to prevent suicide and where to find help. The main emphasis of the resources is to reduce mental health stigma and to encourage help-seeking behaviour. A report about the background, purpose, goals, method and recommendations of this resource development project is also available.