Mar 1st 2018

eCALD® New Promotional Videos and Achievements

eCALD® services have launched 2 new promotional videos on “Enhancing Cultural Competence” which are posted on our website (click here) on 26th February as part of the Chinese New Year Celebration.

The first video focuses on the impact of New Zealand’s changing demography, celebrating our cultural and religious diversity. Our health workforce represents the diversity in our communities. The video presents views from a range of health practitioners about their cross-cultural experiences and why cultural competency is essential to their work. As Dr Aram Kim, psychiatrist at Waitemata DHB states “eCALD training has been really instrumental in terms of improving awareness and giving us a really good foundation for cultural competence”

The second video shows the range of eCALD courses and resources available face to face and on-line including courses for working with patients and courses for working in culturally diverse workplaces. Resources include: cross-cultural resources, migrant and refugee services research studies, translated information, and translated screening tools, newsletters and research commentaries.

We also celebrated the launch of our upgraded face to face and online courses:

  • CALD 1: Culture and Cultural Competency
  • CALD 2:  Working with Migrant Patients
  • CALD 3: Working with Refugee Patients
  • CALD 4: Working with Interpreters
  • CALD 5: Working with Asian Mental Health Clients
  • CALD 7: Working with religious Diversity
  • CALD 8: Working with CALD Families: Disability Awareness
  • CALD 9: Working in a Mental Health Context with CALD Clients

Also please take a look at what the eCALD® National Programme have achieved for the year Feb 2017 to Jan 2018.

eCALD® New Promotional Videos and Achievements