Feb 27th 2020

eCALD® Cross-cultural interest group news: “Developments in psychopharmacology”

Our sincere appreciation to our amazing presenter from India, Chittaranjan Andrade M.D., for his generosity to take time out of his busy schedule to come to New Zealand to share with us his expertise in clinical psychopharmacology and his extensive research in this area, which have won him numerous international and national awards.

Dr. Andrade presented on the 14th of February 2020, a full-day seminar, at the Whenua Pupuke auditorium, North Shore Hospital to over 70 participants. He also presented to over 20 participants on the 17th of February 2020 for an evening session at Delhi Heights, Botany Downs. The presentations were insightful, informative and engaging.

Feedback from participants of both sessions was extremely positive, with some participants expressing how grateful they were to have such a learned and humble professor in our midst.

We are pleased to advise we have uploaded the power-points (PPTs) and links to the videos of the following three sessions. Please click the session name to view the ppt and access the video. The password for the video files is: ccig2020!

  1. Oral Ketamine for depression (14th Feb 2020)
  2. SSRIs and ischemic heart disease benefits, risks and drug interactions (14th Feb 2020)
  3. Antidepressants in pregnancy (14th Feb 2020)

The PPT for the 17th February session on “Psychopharmacology of schizophrenia” is available, however the session was not recorded. 

Lastly, we wish to thank our sponsor Janssen Pharmaceuticals for generously sponsoring the catering for both the events on 14th and 17th February 2020.

eCALD® Cross-cultural interest group news: “Developments in psychopharmacology”