Dec 15th 2017

eCALD® A Reflection of 2017

We are reaching the end of 2017 and on reflection, the eCALD® team has had a very busy and amazing year. We have accomplished a lot not just in the research and development space but also in the course development as well as the digital technology space.  Besides delivering elearning and face to face course nationally, we have:

  • Rebranded and reskinned our website since August 2017.
  • Been upgrading all our elearning courses using latest digital technology, framework and convention ensuring that the design is responsive to desktop computers as well as tablet devices. The upgrade includes reviewing content, modernising of the look and feel and the graphics. 

We take this opportunity to announce that we have rolled out four of our upgraded online courses on 15 December 2017:

  • CALD 1 Culture & Cultural Competency
  • CALD 2 Working with Migrant Patients
  • CALD 3 Working with Refugee Patients
  • CALD 4 Working with Interpreters 

We are planning to roll out the final three upgraded online courses on 15 January 2018:

  • CALD 7 Working with Religious Diversity
  • CALD 8 Working with CALD Families – Disability Awareness
  • CALD 9 Working in a Mental Health Context with CALD clients

There is a lot more new course and resource development planned for next year, so please watch this space!

eCALD® A Reflection of 2017