Oct 12th 2018

An Asian Perspective and the NZ Treasury Living Standards

Asian populations are currently experiencing a number of issues related to the determinants of wellbeing, including health (mental health, non-communicable diseases and access to health services) and employment difficulties. Experiences of perceived discrimination also heavily impact on wellbeing.

The New Zealand Treasury has developed a Living Standards Framework (LSF) to assess the impact of government policies on intergenerational wellbeing based on the OECD approach. The Treasury is committed to incorporating New Zealand's diverse cultural perspectives into the LSF framework. This report is a starting point for discussions on ways to include an Asian perspective in the LSF.

The paper proposes that indicators are needed on 1) social cohesion, settlement and sense of belonging, 2) radical acceptance and cultural recognition, 3) employability, and 4) accessing government services such as English proficiency, health care and interpretation services. These are attempts to take into consideration the Asian cultures unique set of values and their distinct determinants of wellbeing.

This provides the starting point for the Treasury to further discussions of incorporating the wellbeing of Asian New Zealanders. Both qualitative and quantitative data were drawn from various sources to identify these indicators.

For more information go to: https://treasury.govt.nz/publications/dp/dp-18-10

An Asian Perspective and the NZ Treasury Living Standards