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eCALD® provides monthly commentary on research articles relating to Asian, Middle Eastern, Latin American and African population health and CALD groups, which are downloadable from international or national websites. The commentaries are themed.

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Research Commentary [23] September 2018

This is the third review in a four-part series on complementary and alternative healthcare in New Zealand focussing on Yoga.

Research Commentary [22] August 2018

This review focuses on the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). 

Research Commentary [21] August 2018

This review focuses on Complementary Medicines.

Research Commentary [20] July 2018

This review focuses on six articles which are part of the Growing Up in New Zealand (GUINZ) study conducted by the University of Auckland.

Research Commentary [19] June 2018

This review focuses on caring for Muslim patients during Ramadan.

Research Commentary [18] May 2018

This review focuses on the health and mental health of Syrian refugees. The Syrian conflict, which began in 2011, has resulted in the largest refugee crisis since World War II, with millions of Syrian refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries including Lebanon, Jordan, and Turkey.

Research Commentary [17] April 2018

This review focuses on research in the health sector on the use of interpreters.

Research Commentary [16] March 2018

This review focuses on primary healthcare for refugees. 

Research Commentary [15] February 2018

The focus of this review is on Refugee Health Screening.

Research Commentary [14] December 2017

This review focuses on religious affiliation which for many people is a broad and fundamental identity marker.

Research Commentary [13] November 2017

This review offers innovative approaches to culturally appropriate health promotion for ethnically diverse migrant populations.

Research Commentary [12] October 2017

This review is the second to focus on culturally competent palliative care.

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