Growing Up in New Zealand: Now We Are Born, 2012


University of Auckland


Sep 7, 2017


Morton, S.M.B., Atatoa Carr, P.E., Grant, C.C., Lee, A.C., Bandara,
D.K., Mohal, J., Kinloch, J.M., Schmidt, J.M., Hedges, M.R., Ivory, V.C., Kingi, T.R., Liang, R., Perese, L.M., Peterson, E., Pryor, J.E., Reese, E., Robinson, E.M., Waldie, K.E., and Wall, C.R. 2012. Growing Up in New Zealand: A longitudinal study of New Zealand children and their families. Report 2: Now we are born. Auckland: Growing Up in New Zealand.

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Newborn child younger than 5 years children young children