Starship Community - Child Development Service


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The Starship Community Child Development Service for Asian, refugee and migrant groups provides community health worker positions within the service. 

The objective of the service is to increase access to child disability services for groups from Asian, refugee and migrant backgrounds. Cultural caseworkers are a relatively new development in provision of mainstream health and disability services to culturally and linguistically diverse populations in New Zealand and it is envisioned that this project will inform knowledge and policy development in this area

Starship Community - Child Development Service

  • Starship Community currently provide specialist assessment, intervention and management services to promote rehabilitation/habilitation outcomes for children and young people who have an intellectual, sensory or physical disability, up to school leaving age
  • The Personal Child Health Services provide secondary general paediatric services for the child (0-14 years) population

Services provided:

  • Improve access to Child Disability Services 
  • Build cultural responsive in Child Disability Services 
  • Culturally appropriate support for CALD families 
  • Improve the  links and networks between the health, education and social services sectors delivering services to families with children with disabilities
  • Streamlining processes for families
  • Providing a community voice in service planning and delivery 
  • Providing effective advocacy for families with children with disabilities
  • Providing community education involving  community and religious leaders 
  • Improving families’ knowledge and understanding of New Zealand  “disability” services

How to access:


Phone: (09) 639 0200  

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