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About this resource

The Muslim Wellbeing Service is one of the community mental health services offered by Kāhui Tū Kaha (previously known as Affinity Services).

For the Muslim community, the service provides:

  • Mental health awareness training
  • Mental health first aid training
  • Advice and support for individuals and groups with a special focus on working with adults, youth and women

For health professionals, the service provides:

  • Muslim cultural awareness training to enhance engagement with the Muslim community members/clients

The bi-lingual team speaks: 

  • Hindi, Arabic, Farsi, Bengali, Urdu etc

Who are eligible for the service:

  • Muslim community members
  • General practitioners
  • Clinicians from Counties-Manukau Health
  • Clinicians from Auckland District Health Board

For more information or to make a referral:

  • Contact (09) 5314040
  • Email: muslimservice@kahuitukaha.co.nz

Muslim Wellbeing Team information:

  • Muslim Liaison: Abd El Rahman EL Shall, Registered Health Professional. Mobile: 021 63 60 60
  • Youth Facilitator: Abrar Saleh, Community Support Worker. Mobile: 027 538 5655
  • Womens Group Facilitator: Sobia Zarrar, Community Support Worker. Mobile: 027 703 9311
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