Community Mental Health Service: Transcultural Mental Health Service


About this resource

The ADHB Transcultural Mental Health Team provides clinical services to migrant and refugee clients with significant cultural issues that impact on their ability to access mental health services, and act as a cultural consultation resource to clinical staff within the CMHC teams.

Consultation is also available to the ADHB Maternal Mental Health service.

  • This service is for clients from a refugee or migrant background who have a mental illness and significant trans-cultural issues that impact on their ability to access or participate in the clinical mental health service.
  • Trans-cultural clinical team positions are located in each of the four CMHC’s. These positions are employed by and accountable to the respective CMHC manager, within the context of the CMHC multi-disciplinary teams.  In addition, a psychiatrist is located at St Lukes CMHC. The staff in designated trans-cultural positions will work together as a “virtual team”, in order to share expertise with each other and across CMHC’s.
  • The trans-cultural team will not operate as an exclusive team and recognises that there are many clinical staff within the CMHC’s who are willing and able to share their trans-cultural knowledge, either by consultation with other clinical staff or a one- off consultation with a client. This will be managed via the trans-cultural clinical team members in conjunction with CMHC managers on an “as needs and as able” basis.
  • The trans-cultural team will develop collaborative relationships with relevant local health/social service providers and community support groups, e.g. RAS in order to facilitate appropriate services for clients.

The team is accessible thorough ADHB Community Mental Health Services.

Criteria to Access the Trans-cultural Consultation Service:

  • Current client of a CMHC or specialist community service, with a Key worker & Responsible Clinician.
  • Remains a client of the current CMHC clinical team, with consultation support from the trans-cultural service.