Cultural Competence Assessment Checklist


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The following checklist is a helpful self-assessment to determine your level of cultural competence.

  1. How self-reflective are you about your interactions with colleagues from other cultures or minority ethnic groups? (Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5)
  2. Do you recognise prejudices you may hold about certain ethnic groups, or their practices and beliefs?
  3. Can you identify how ethnocentric you might be in your interactions with colleagues from different cultures?
    • Can you greet colleagues or clients from any other culture in their own language (verbal or non-verbal)?
    • Do you assume that they need to understand how your health system works?
    • Do you know anything about where they come from and the circumstances under which they might have migrated?
    • Do you know anything about their traditional practices and expectations?
    • Are you able to accomodate any of the diversity in your interactions?
  4. How does your ethnic identity affect your decisions when working with members of other cultures?
  5. How often do you attend functions or take part in any activities with colleagues from minority ethnic groups?
  6. Have you read any books/articles or seen any films recently about people from other cultures, particularly minoruty ethnic cultures
  7. Do you respect colleagues' religious or spiritual beliefs that are different from your own? Are you able able to incorporate these confortably in interactions when appropriate?
  8. Have you discussed any cross cultural issues that might have arisen in your work, with a colleague or supervisor?
  9. Have you attended any training or sought education on cross-cultural issues?
  10. Have you ever challenged a racist attitude by someone, or realised you might have made/thought one?
  11. How much do you value the metaskills of 'compassion', 'neutrality', 'non-judgement', 'acceptance' and 'listening' in your interactions?


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Adapted from Jackson and Camplin-Welch (2007)

Citation: Waitemata DHB, eCALD® Services (2018). Toolkit for Working in a Culturally Diverse Workplace. Auckland. WDHB eCALD® Services. 

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