Supporting Muslim Service Users [PDF]

Supporting Muslim Service Users [PDF]

This booklet provides information about different aspects of Muslim cultures to help service providers gain better understanding. Information provided includes:

  • Key point of Muslim Culture
  • Alcohol and other Drugs, Death Diet
  • Dress Code, Hygiene, Illness
  • Mosque
  • Muslim Celebrations, Prayers
  • Ramadan, Relationships
  • Treatment of Mental illness, Women
  • Other useful information

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Designed and written by Bachik Ahmad (Registered Nurse, Mason Clinic) and Dean Cathro (Programme Manager, Mason Clinic, Waitemata District Health Board).

Published on this website on request by the authors.


CALD Muslim Celebrations Alcohol and Drugs Hygiene Ramadan Muslim Service Users Death Illness Mental Illness Muslim culture diet Mosque Muslim women Dress Code