CALD Guidelines for Dementia Patients in ARC [PDF]

CALD Guidelines for Dementia Patients in ARC [PDF]

This PDF resource is a guidance document providing culture-specific information and cultural appropriate approaches to Aged Residential Care Services staff working with CALD Older People with dementia and their families. 

The aim of this resource is to provide best practice guidelines for staff working in residential care facilities so that CALD residents with dementia are provided with culturally appropriate support and care, including the immediate period around the transition from their home to residential care.

It is recommended that the guidelines are used in conjunction with Waitemata DHB’s eCALD®Services Supplementary Resource, "CALD Older People Resource for Health Providers working with Asian, Middle Eastern and African Older People" and the "Supporting Cultural Diversity in Residential Care-Evaluation and Planning Tool" (Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing, 2000).

The resource:

  • Describes the core competencies required when working with CALD older residents with dementia.

  • Discusses the provision of cultural appropriate support for families and CALD residents to improve residents’ experience and enable them to feel safe and comfortable when they move into an aged care facility.

  • Provides best practice guidelines when working with CALD dementia residents.

Who should view this resource: Health professionals, health care assistants, and caregivers working in residential aged care services; as well as for CALD residents living in ARC facilities and their families.


It is expected that viewers will:

  1. Have completed CALD 1: Culture and Cultural Competency.

  2. Additionally, it is highly recommended that the readers of this resource will:

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Published in April 2016

Authors: Dr Kathy Peri and Dr Gary Cheung, University of Auckland

Suggested Citation: Peri, K., Cheung, G. (2016). CALD Guidelines for Dementia Patients in Aged Residential Care. University of Auckland. Retrieved from:


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