Cross Cultural Resources

Cultural competency is a developmental process which requires an individual to pursue ongoing education, to develop approaches based on cultural considerations, to seek ongoing mentoring and supervision of cultural practice in order to advance along the cultural competence continuum (see more about the Cultural Competence Continuum).

The supplementary resources in this section provide cultural-specific information and topics not covered in detail in the eCALD® Cultural Competency “Courses for Working with Patients” and “Courses for Culturally Diverse Workplaces”.  It aims to provide the New Zealand health workforce opportunity to further enhance their cultural understanding working with CALD patients/clients and their cross cultural interactions in a culturally diverse workplace.

The resources include tips and guidelines, approaches based on cultural considerations and toolkits. Most of these resources include case studies and scenarios as well as self-reflective exercises. Some of these resources are available in PDF, paperback or online [HTML] format.  Some require viewers to complete pre-requisite eCALD® course(s).

In this section we have also published other cross-cultural resources on request from other authors/copyright owners.

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