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According to the Asian Family Services Report on the ‘New Zealand Asian Mental Health & Wellbeing’ in 2020, at least 43.9% of Asians have experienced some form of mental health distress since the COVID-19 lockdown. The report indicates 57% of respondents experienced nervousness and anxiety and Asians are less likely to seek help from doctors and other health professionals/organisations. The report recommended more educational campaigns about professional mental health services. 

In response to this need, Asian Family Services has produced and launched multi-media educational campaigns called “Reach Out” in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Hindi.  The campaigns provide educational messages for Chinese, Korean and South Asian older people, pregnant women, new mother and people with a long-term health condition. The aim of the campaigns is to help viewers understand the importance of recognising and managing anxiety and stress, as well as how to access mental health and wellbeing support available to them.

Below are the resources in different languages and on various platforms:



Feel free to disseminate this information to Chinese, Korean and Hindi communities who could benefit from this educational campaign.

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“REACH OUT” campaign in multiple languages | Asian Family Services