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NB: (video) = available in video recorded format; (no recording) = session was not recorded on DVD or video
  • "What is frailty? Perspectives from Chinese clinicians and older immigrant in New Zealand." presented by Dr Gary Cheung on 25th February 2020 (VIEW POWERPOINT) (Video is available, password required).
  • "Living with dementia in Aotearoa" presented by Dr Adrian Martinez-Ruiz on 25th February 2020 (NB: The powerpoint and the recorded session for this will not be made available).
  • "Psychopharmacology of Schizophrenia" presented by Dr Chittaranjan Andrade on 17th February 2020  (VIEW POWERPOINT) (no video recording).
  • "Developments in Psychopharmacology" - "Oral Ketamine for Depression" by Dr Chittaranjan Andrade on 14th February 2020 (VIEW POWERPOINT) (Video is available, password required).
  • "Developments in Psychopharmacology" - "SSRIs and Ischemic Heart Disease"  by Dr Chittaranjan Andrade on 14th February 2020 (VIEW POWERPOINT) (Video is available, password required).
  • "Developments in Psychopharmacology" - "Antidepressants in pregnancy" by Dr Chittaranjan Andrade on 14th February 2020 (VIEW POWERPOINT) (Video is available, password required).
  • The need for 'Assertive Community Treatment' for persons with severe mental illness in ethnic minority groups (Leota Dr Lisi Petaia] - 24 September 2019 (Powerpoint and video recording will not be made available)
  • An introduction to Child Protection related legislations 2019  (Margaret Chen] - 27 August 2019 (video available) (VIEW POWERPOINT) 
  • Mental health inquiries after homicide (Dr Lillian Ng] - 25 June 2019 (video is available)
  • Culture, Context and Controversies: Peer Support Services in Non-Western Mental Health Settings (Professor Samson Tse] - 11 June 2019 (video is available).
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy Treatment (ECT) [Dr Paul Jones] - 30 April 2019 (video available)
  • The role of Age Concern in elder abuse and neglect [Kai Quan and Suzanne Joseph] - 26 February 2019 (video available).
  • Mental health of Asian LGBTI population in Auckland [Speakers: Seng Poh Lee and Yun Huang] - 27 November 2018 (video available),
  • Suicide Postvention: A Pacific Perspective: Manu Fotu, Dr Gary Cheung and Patrick Au - 25 September 2018 (video available).
  • Who are we, what we do, and what we are learning about working cross-culturally (case illustrations)": Mary Cubitt, Oi Kuen Tam, and Dr Aram Kim - 24th July 2018  (video available).
  • Adversity and Transcultural Trauma: The importance of resilience and integrity in survival: Dr Mila Golder-Vukov, Dr Laurie Jo Moore, Dr Snezana Mijakavoc 29/05/18 (video available)
  • Great Pretenders in Cultural Psychiatry: 2 Cases of Masked Eating Disorders Presenting in Other Forms: Chicken or Egg?: Dr Roger Mysliwiec and Kellie Lavender. 27/02/18 (no video recording)
  • Identification and Management of Elderly Asians at Risk of Suicide in the Community and Nursing Homes: Dr Gary Cheung 11/10/17 (video)
  • Support Group for Chinese Families of patients with major psychiatric disorders: An Evaluation and Lessons Learnt: Dr Cannis Siu-Chun, Wendy Siu, Sue Wong  28/07/17 (video)
  • Post Natal Depression in Asian Women – Fortitude, Fragility and Culture Relevant Management: with Dr Aram Kim  28/03/17 (video)
  • Cross Cultural Perspective Relating to Eating Disorders Among Asians: Presentation and Management: Dr Roger Mysliwiec, Kellie Lavender NZ Eating Disorders Clinic  28/02/17 (video)
  • Mental Health of Chinese/Asian International Students in Auckland: Professor Max Abbott  25/10/16 (video)
  • The Screening and Early Intervention of Chinese Women with perinatal mental health problems in the Community: International Speaker: Dr Bonnie Siu 6/09/16 (video)
  • Substance Abuse Among Asians: Case Studies and Panel Discussion: Panel: Dr Vicki Macfarlane, David Prentice, Isaac Sayal, Benedict Bendoy  26/07/16 (no recording)
  • Mental Health Issues Encountered by the Police: An Interactive and Informal Evening with Senior Sergeant Ross Endicott-Davies: 24/05/16    (video)
  • Cultural and Psychological Challenges in Medical Rehabilitation: case study and panel discussion with Dr John Davison, Dr Ashok Malur, Dr Sunil Dath and Dr Angelina Mao 26/04/16 (video)  
  • Benzodiazepine Misuse in the Asian population: Prevention and Management of Dependence: Dr Vicki Macfarlane  22/03/16 (video)    

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