e-Cigarettes and Vaping - a panacea or a bane to smoking in current times?


Cross-Cultural Interest Group Zoom Webinar November 2020

This is a scientific session where the speaker's presentation will be based on his research and paper. It is not a promotional session. The presentation will focus on discussing the increasing use of e-cigarettes across the world in the last decade. It will include emerging data highlighting severe respiratory and physiological harm caused by the use of e-cigarettes. There will be information about the current status in Australasia and globally, as well as discussion on the need for a cross-cultural approach to disseminate and educate the public on the actual threat and harm health.


Tuesday 17th November, 2020


6.30pm to 8.30pm


Available as Zoom Webinar


Guna Kanniah

Guna Kanniah

Session 1 Speaker
Senior Specialist Mental Health and Addictions Clinical Pharmacist at Waikato District Health Board

Guna Kanniah is the senior clinical specialist pharmacist in Mental Health attached to Waikato DHB Mental Health and Addiction services. He serves as the regional mental health pharmacist for the Waikato region. He has presented papers at several international conferences in psychiatry and chaired one conference session in 2018. His passion lies in psychopharmacology and psychopharmacotherapy. His after hours is dedicated to the Sathya Sai International Organisation in the promotion of human values and engaged in selfless service to the community at large

Dr Rajendra Pavagada

Dr Rajendra Pavagada

CCIG Advisory Group Member
Psychiatrist, Counties-Manukau District Health Board

Dr Rajendra Pavagada, MS.BS. M.D; Ms.Psych.Med; Dip.Psych.Med, a member of the New Zealand Medical Association. Raj is a psychiatrist working in the Department of Psychiatry in Counties Manukau DHB.