Topic: "A culturally responsive health improvement practitioner & health coach service"


Cross-Cultural Interest Group Webinar - 16th November 2021 (Tuesday)

Synopsis: Asian Family Services (AFS) is the only third-party provider contracted by a primary health organisation to provide integrated primary mental health and addiction services under the "Ministry of Health Access and Choice" programme. The AFS wellness services team will be sharing how important the roles of culturally appropriate Health Improvement Practitioner and Health Coach are in delivering services at Apollo Medical Centre and their day-to-day practices. The presentation will also include the model of care, the successful partnership between AFS and Apollo Medical Centre, the benefits for GPs and the enrolled patients, and some positive client stories that made this collaborative project even more valuable for patient experience.

See below for Event MC and SPEAKERS information.

Participants can join the evening webinar via zoom.

Registration is open until the 15th of November 2021.

a) Power-point slides and webinar recordings will be available three weeks post the event.
b) A certificate of attendance will be issued within two weeks after the event.


Tuesday 16th November, 2021


Presentation starts 6.30pm-8.00pm


Available as Zoom Webinar


Dr Aram Kim

Dr Aram Kim

Event MC

Aram is a locally trained consultant psychiatrist of Korean descent with special clinical interests and experiences in cross-cultural, infant, perinatal, and community psychiatry as well as cognitive behavioural therapy. He is passionate about community engagement and advocacy, especially around mental health and wellbeing. Aram serves in various roles within local and national church bodies as well as NGOs in a voluntary capacity. He is the chair of the Korean Community Wellness Society Inc since 2017, a board member of Asian Family Services, and he sits on the CCIG Advisory Group.

Kelly Feng

Kelly Feng

National Director

Kelly is the National Director for Asian Family Services since 2016. Kelly was a medical doctor in China and obtained her qualifications in social work in New Zealand. She is a registered social worker since 2005 and has more than a decade of work experience in the mental health and addiction sector and other social sectors for over a decade. Kelly has a strong track record in leadership and service development. Kelly is passionate about the Asian community - she is continuously serving and advocating for Asian people in New Zealand to develop more culturally appropriate services to meet the needs of our community.

Alex Wang

Alex Wang

Project Lead

Alex holds a Master's degree in Applied Social Work (Massey University) and Postgrad Certificate in AoD study (University of Auckland). He has experience working in justice system and mental health sectors, such as WDHB and NGOs. He specializes in counselling services for addiction and co-existing problems, such as depression and anxiety and is fluent in Mandarin and English.