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July 2021

Overview of Sleep Disorders

March 2021

Addressing the needs of Chinese with dementia: a cross-community organisation and academic approach

March 2020

"What is frailty? & Living with Dementia in Aotearoa"

October 2019

The need for ‘Assertive Community Treatment’ for persons with severe mental illness in ethnic minority groups

September 2019

An introduction to Child Protection related legislations 2019

July 2019

Mental health inquiries after homicide

June 2019

Culture, context and controversies

May 2019

Electroconvulsive Therapy Treatment (ECT)

February 2019

The role of Age Concern in elder abuse and neglect

December 2018

Mental health of Asian LGBTI Population in Auckland

October 2018

Suicide Postvention – a Pacific Perspective

August 2018

Who we are, what we do, and what we are learning about working cross-culturally

June 2018

Adversity and Transcultural Trauma

May 2018

Launch of the new Cross Cultural Interest Advisory Group

February 2018

Great Pretenders in Cultural Psychiatry

28 November 2017

The Befriending Telephone Line

11 October 2017

Identification and Management of Elderly Asians at Risk of Suicide in the Community and Nursing Homes

15 August 2017

Dementia: Updates on Primary Care Assessment Pathway: Part II

27 June 2017

Dementia: Updates on Primary Care Assessment Pathway: Part II

16 May 2017

Dementia: Updates on Primary Care Assessment Pathway: Part I, Part II

28 Mar 2017

Post Natal Depression in Asian Women – Fortitude, Fragility and Culture Relevant Management

25 Oct 2016

Mental Health of Chinese/Asian International Students in Auckland

6 Sep 2016

Screening and Early Intervention of Chinese Women with perinatal mental health problems

24 May 2016

Mental Health Issues Encountered by the Police

26 April 2016

Cultural and Psychological Challenges in Medical Rehabilitation

22 March 2016

Benzodiazepine Misuse in the Asian population

17 November 2015

Aspects of Mental Health Assessment and Management of the Refugee Population

22 September 2015

Working with Asian Communities in New Zealand

23 June 2015

Case Studies in Grief and Grief management Across Cultures

28 April 2015

Would Interpreters adequately fill the gap between health staff and patients?

26 February 2015

Physical Illness, Depression and Suicidal Behaviours in Older People

27 November 2014

A Case of Contagion

29 October 2014

Ethnicity & Response to Psychotropic medication

18 July 2014

Energy Psychology

17 June 2014

Primary Secondary Interface - the Asian Perspective

27 May 2014

Asian People’s Experiences and Views of Mental Health Services

9 May 2014

Suicide Prevention within the Chinese Community

February 2014

An introduction to common culture -intrinsic therapies

10 December 2013

Critical Health Psychology

1 October 2013

Promoting the Mental Health of Senior Asian Immigrants

9 September 2013

Interface between police, mental health and culture

26 June 2013

Cross Cultural Psychosocial Management of Children

4 June 2013

Cross Cultural Psychosocial Management of Children

2 April 2013

Family Therapy around the World

27 February 2013

Psychosocial Management of Chinese patient with Dementia

10 December 2012

Practical issues in Cross-Cultural mental health practice

20 November 2012

CALD 9 enhances skills in mental health practice

5 October 2012

Launch of CALD 9 'Working with CALD
clients in Mental Health