Cross-cultural interest group

Cross-Cultural Interest Group (CCIG) programme provides regular topics through in-person seminars or webinars that discuss some fundamental cross-cultural issues, practice and approaches. On this page, you can access upcoming events, CCIG membership application, news, past events, as well as more information about the CCIG programme, advisory and management groups.

Upcoming events

More about the programme

The aim of the CCIG programme is to invite guest speakers to present a spectrum of cross-cultural topics that could inform and or improve cross-cultural service delivery or clinical practice.

Our CCIG programme membership includes psychiatrists, social workers, psychologists, occupational therapists, nurses, academics, interpreters, students, etc.

We invite specialists including psychiatrists, academics, doctors, nurses, clinical psychologists, social workers and occupational therapists as guest speakers to present topics of practical interest and value to our members.

Our events are usually presented as in-person events but because of the pandemic we have changed broadcasting live digitally via zoom.

The contents of the events are summarised in our regular newsletters. Since 2013, we have been recording events and loading on DVDs and more recently on video. With permission from speakers, some past events have available digital recordings and or PowerPoint documents. Over the years, the CCIG programme has accumulated over 70 topics.

Brief history of the programme

  • 2002: The Cross-Cultural Interest Group (CCIG) programme was established by Dr Sai Wong, ONZM.
  • 2005-2015: Sue Lim QSM, the previous Asian Health Services manager, organised sponsorship, funding, as well as technical support for digital recording (when needed) for the CCIG programme.
  • 2015-2017: Sue Lim QSM, the current eCALD® National Programme Director, organised sponsorship or funding for the catering, coordination, digital support and in-person support.
  • 2018-current: eCALD® Services took over the management of the programme, which include the:
    • establishment of the current academic and professional Advisory Group to guide the professional development programme since Feb 2018
    • provision of support for the advisory group and event MCs
    • planning of yearly events
    • liaison with guest speakers 
    • organising sponsorship or providing of funding for coordination and digital support for yearly events
    • promotion of upcoming events through various digital channels
    • provision of admin support for event registrations and new membership applications
    • provision of digital systems for registration and membership applications
    • provision of support for in-person events, eg catering, event set-up, venue bookings
    • provide technical support for digital broadcast and recording of digital events
    • create regular e-news.

The Cross-Cultural Interest Advisory Group

The Cross Cultural Interest Advisory Group was formally established in May 2018. Members of the Advisory Group include:

Sai Wong

Dr Sai Wong

Founder and Advisory Group member

Patrick Au

Patrick Au

Advisory Group member

Gary Cheung

Dr Gary Cheung

Advisory Group member

Aram Kim

Dr Aram Kim

Advisory Group member

Raj Pavagada

Dr Rajendra Pavagada

Advisory Group member

Sheila Chan

Dr Sheila Chan

Advisory Group member

Jim Xu

Jim Xu

Advisory Group member

CCIG Management and Coordination Team

people sue lim

Sue Lim

CCIG programme management 

people choi

Choi Foong Kew

CCIG event coordination and digital event support

people amy

Amy Cao

CCIG admin and in-person event support

people elena

Elena Wong

CCIG admin support

people michael

Michael Gulavin

CCIG digital support