Module 101 - Working with remote interpreters [HP]

Module 101 - Working with remote interpreters [HP]

Many health practitioners experienced ‘lost in translation’ when working with a face-to-face interpreter. It would be even more difficult working with a remote interpreter without the essential knowledge and skills.

This course is intended for anyone working in the primary care, secondary care or NGO sector who wants to work more effectively with remote interpreters.

The course aims to provide the essential knowledge and skills to help you work more effectively with remote interpreters to achieve a better patient outcome and patient experience. 

This course is not teaching the technical knowledge of how to use your organisation's zoom or video conferencing system. It is also not teaching you how to book an interpreter.

NB: With the requirement for stricter social distancing, we are now offering REMOTE TRAINING OPTIONS via zoom, on top of the current range of e-learning culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) e-learning (online) courses. 

We used zoom features in our remote zoom training to keep participants engaged, eg:

  • breakout rooms for small group discussions
  • whiteboard for recording discussions within the wider group
  • chat-box to engage learners with specific activities
  • multi-media to enhance teaching points. 

For more information about this course click on the following headings:

Participants taking up this training will:

  • gain knowledge about the roles, services and expected competencies of professional interpreters
  • become aware of the different remote interpreting scenarios; the equipment and limitations
  • gain knowledge and skills to work with remote interpreters effectively, eg  pre-briefing, structuring and debriefing
  • gain knowledge of common issues in interpreting and how to or manage them.


  • Make sure you have downloaded your Zoom app on your device before you join the session
  • It is recommended that you join the session at least 15 minutes before the start time to get yourself set up.
  • Click here to find out how to join your approved remote training session here.
  • Click here for more information about Remote F2F Training 
  • How to register for an eCALD® account? To create an account please go to this LOGIN page
  • Who is eligible to enrol into this module? Health practitioners working in New Zealand secondary, primary and NGO sectors.

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