CALD 5 - Working with Asian Mental Health Clients

CALD 5 - Working with Asian Mental Health Clients

7.5 hours face-to-face training

CALD 1 (also recommended to complete CALD 4 & 9)

This course is intended for anyone working in a mental health context in secondary care, primary care or mental health services and who is currently working with or anticipating working with Asian clients with mental health issues.

The aim of this course is to enhance your understanding of mental health beliefs, practices, cultural attitudes and behaviours of Asian clients and their family and to develop your skills to improve your engagement as well as improve your cultural assessment and management of Asian clients with mental health issues to gain better treatment compliance.

  • Understand the correlation between culture, religion and healing and how to apply this in a mental health setting
  • Understand the various modalities for treatment and implications
  • Understand more about different cultures and how to communicate with people from different cultures
  • Understand the principles of and gain skills for cultural assessment / management

On completing this course you will be able to understand the challenges of cross-cultural assessment and mental health diagnosis. You will have developed new skills to enable you to better understand your Asian clients and improve your rapport by understanding their mental health beliefs and practices, cultural behaviours and expectations.

Thank you for a very informative workshop. Lots of valuable information was shared today

A very valuable course. Well presented and good use of time

Very informative, detailed and helpful to put into practice with my clients

Amazing course!!!

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