CALD 2 - Working with Migrant Patients
  • 4 hours (CME/CNE/MOPS accredited) for classroom / face-to-face training

  • 3 hours (CME/CNE/MOPS accredited) for online self-paced, self-reflective, interactive learning

This course is intended for anyone working in primary care, secondary care or mental health services. The aim of this course is to build practitioner’s awareness of the settlement challenges faced by migrants; and to develop awareness of the diverse models of health and wellbeing, help seeking behaviours and expectations of healthcare from migrant patients

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Become aware of the challenges newcomers face throughout the migrant journey.
  • Gain insight into the phases of settlement and the acculturation process and its impact on family units.
  • Broadly understand the explanatory models of health and of migrants’ help-seeking behaviours.
  • Know what to consider to accommodate health beliefs and faith-based practices.
  • Know what to consider when raising sensitive issues with migrant patients.

On completing this course you will have greater insight into how the migration process impacts on the health and wellbeing of individuals and family units; better understanding of western and non-western explanatory models of health and how to accommodate these; and developed new skills around how to raise sensitive issues with migrant patients.

I felt this course has helped me to achieve my goals. I now have a new set of skills that I am keen to start using and to develop further as I put what I have learnt into practice

The course was great, deep, reflective and positive. Much of the positive attitude to migrants is instinctive and this was clear and concrete teaching with guidelines to maximise outcomes

Great e-learning

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