CALD 10 - Working in a Mental Health Context with CALD Children and Adolescents

CALD 10 - Working in a Mental Health Context with CALD Children and Adolescents

We recommend this course to those who have fundamental mental health knowledge. Before proceeding to enrol please ensure you have completed the CALD 1 Culture & Cultural Competency face to face or online course.

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  • 4 hours (CME/CNE/MOPS accredited) face-to-face training.
  • 4 hours (CME/CNE/MOPS accredited) online learning

It is expected that participants enrolling into this course, must have the basic mental health knowledge and have completed the following pre-requisite or recommended course(s):

This course is intended for health professionals working in secondary care, primary care or NGO sector who is currently providing mental health services to or who is planning/anticipating to working with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) migrant and refugee children and adolescents from Asian, Middle Eastern and African backgrounds.

The aim of this course is to provide strategies for managing cross-cultural interactions, screening, assessment, treatment and interventions when working with CALD children, adolescents and families in a mental health context.

Participants completing this course will:

  • Become aware of the importance of a culturally oriented approach and of being culturally competent.
  • Have a better understanding of the issues surrounding mental health practice with CALD children, adolescents and their families.
  • Gain skills to develop rapport with CALD families.
  • Gain skills in cross-cultural clinical assessment and screening.
  • Develop skills in intervening with CALD families.

On completing this course you will develop skills to engage with CALD children, adolescents and families; will have better knowledge of intergenerational and CALD sensitive issues and the impact these have on screening, diagnosis and treatment outcome and gain tools and skills for cross-cultural engagement, assessment, intervention and treatment.

F2F participant: "I very rarely rate course this highly. I am very impressed by content and presentation."

F2F participant: "The booklet and resource are great. The cultural assessment tools and guidelines were useful."

F2F participant: "Very relevant to my practice, helpful tools and explanations were easy to relate to and understand."

Online participant: "I enjoyed the case studies and videos, I felt they helped my learning the most and made it easier to understand concepts and how to apply them. It really opened my eyes to some of the experiences of youth and migrants. The reflections were useful to think about my own views/experiences and how I might apply my learning in practice."

Online participant: "I found the information really helpful and this was facilitated by the way it was presented. The information was presented in a compassionate non-judgemental way and the video vignettes brought it alive. I appreciate having the workbook to download as I will be able to continue going back to it and reflecting on my practice."

Online participant: "I found the content well balanced and presented in a way that kept me engaged throughout. I enjoyed the assessment section the most. The online course was interactive and interesting and encouraged reflective learning. I like the way this course is not weighed down with clinical information but provided the broad awareness to put the learnings into practice."

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